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Gratis kurs i Photoshop og Lightroom

X-Rite holder 2 stk. gratis webinar 22. juni og 24. juni, kl. 19.00 i Photoshop og Lightroom.

22. juni kl. 19.00 Photoshop CS5: Kamerakalibrering, skjermkalibrering, fargestyring og arbeidsflyt

24. juni kl. 19.00  Fra Lightroom til Blurb fotobok
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22. junikl. 19.00Photoshop CS5 og kamerakalibrering, skjermkalibrering, fargestyring og arbeidsflyt
Webinar One: Color Workflow with onOne and Adobe Photoshop – Setup to Edit 
To ensure the best color possible right from the start, we’ll cover the following topics: 
• How to create custom camera profiles with X-Rite ColorChecker Passport 
• How to custom white balance in-camera and in-software 
• How to perform one-click color enhancements in Photoshop 
• How to properly calibrate your monitor using X-Rite ColorMunki Photo   
• How to retouch your images using onOne PhotoTools 2.5 to attain a professional look.  Learn how to: 
    - preview and stack multiple effects on your image 
    - use the built-in tools to control their strength as well as paint them in or out 
    - how to retouch a portrait in as few as two steps 

Spend some time with X-Rite and onOne during these free Webinars and you’ll quickly be on your way to perfect color and professional editing results. 

Who should attend: 
• Wedding, portrait and landscape photographers 
• Photographic enthusiasts doing their own printing 
• Anyone passionate about photography

24. juni kl. 19.00  Fra Lightroom til Blurb fotobok

Join us for this free Webinar as we create a photo book from scratch using the latest Blurb BookSmart software with color calibrated images from Adobe Lightroom. 
We'll start by getting the best possible color right at capture with the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport, as we custom white balance our camera and create a custom camera profile for use in Adobe Lightroom. 
We'll show you how to take the color corrected images and produce a book layout using Blurb's free BookSmart software. When complete, we'll submit our book to Blurb to get back a beautiful photo book with images that have the best color possible. 
Whether you are already producing books with Blurb or are ready to submit your first book, this will be time well spent to ensure great results the first time. 
Sponsored by Blurb and X-Rite, the space for this free Webinar is limited so register early to secure your seat!

Who Should Attend?
- Anyone currently producing Blurb books 
- Lightroom Users 
- Photographers 
- Designers 
- Aspiring authors 

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