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Johnny Haglund, mandag 02.11.15

Velkommen til reisefotoforedrag med Johnny Haglund hos Drammen Fotoklubb.

Gled dere til å få se flott bilder og til mange spennende historier. Johnny reiser til steder dere garantert ikke kommer til å reise!!

Om seg selv sier han:

I started to travel around the world in 1988. The first years I travelled as a backpacker, but always with a camera. I spent six months on the road, and six months in Norway, working to pay my travels.

I’ve always had great interest in wild, isolated, remote and mystic places and cultures. And as my experience grew, I went deeper and deeper in to jungles, mountains and deserts. My first published article came after a trip to Irian Jaya (New Guinea) in 1994. I flew to a mountain town called Wamena in the interior of Irian Jaya. Here I hired some porters and set out to walk all the way to the north coast (only about 250 km in distance, but thru dense jungle with no trails or roads). After two weeks we got lost, and we spent 42 days in the jungle before we finally found the way back. After this I started to write for a Norwegian magazine, and after a couple of years, I could make a living of it.

Today I work full time as a freelance photographer and writer, and I have written and photographed more than 400 published articles for different magazines. On top of that I have made five books. And I'm still on the road four to five months every year... and some years even six months...

Arrangementet finner sted i peisestuen i Bragernes menighetssenter, Kirkegata 7, mandag 2. november kl. 19:00. Gratis entré.



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